Re: non-gumming oil

Richard Knoppow

Look at the Oilite web site. They state that the oil is infused via vacuum. This is what I always understood about how Oilite bearings were made. There are sintered bearings that are meant for an external oil reservoir but the Oilite type is lubricated during manufacture and is not supposed to need any other lubrication although the web site describes the use of a light wax to eliminate break-in.
In the past I was involved in rebuilding sound recording equipment with Oilite bearings. They were not easily replacable. I used turbine oil of a type recommended by the lab of one of the larger oil companies. He gave us a sample, about a quart, I never used it up. Turbine oil is a very highly refined oil.

On 8/14/2019 10:45 AM, Stephen Hanselman wrote:
Sorry Chuck,
My only experience with these type of bearings is with ones that were already oiled, sorry about that. One thing I like about this list is the plethora of new information.
Richard Knoppow

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