Re: Tek 2465B-CT scope

Chuck Harris

Last CT problem I fixed was due to a bad trigger hybrid
in the scope. The trigger hybrid has to be extra especially
good for the CT option to work. It is the beginning and
the end of all counter timer operations. The weakest link,
as it were.

-Chuck Harris

Dwayne Reid wrote:

Good day to all.

I recently acquired a Tek 2465BCT (GPIB option) that has some problems.

The first problem is a diagnostic error on power-up: (I think) 06 02 This was
displayed the first couple of times that I powered the scope up but hasn't happened
since. Unfortunately, I assumed the error would always come up every time I powered
the scope ON, so didn't take a picture of the screen. Oops.

The second problem is that the sweep collapses / goes wonky for a second or two after
several minutes of operation. Again - happened a couple of times but hasn't happened

Third problem showed up this morning: CT TEST 84 FAIL 0C This time I did take a
picture of the screen <grin>.

I haven't done any other checking on this unit. Yet.

I'm hoping that others more knowledgeable than myself can tell me what the potential
issues are. I am assuming that the first error message relates to weak or dead
battery for the calibration constants.

I'll look at doing some of the work myself but rather than trying to fix major
problems myself, I'm thinking of sending it off to someone to have them check it out,
do any repairs necessary, replace all capacitors that are known to fail over time.
I've used a fellow named Alexander Schonfeld in the past - he seems to do good work
but I'm open to other suggestions for other people.

Many thanks!


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