Re: non-gumming oil (was: 547 Fan lubrication) OT

Paul Amaranth

Years ago I got a can of Slick 50 One Lube. It was actually a pump dispensor,
not an aresol, and I've use that for similar applications. It was a nice
product, still have half the can.

I see that they've "new and improved it" and removed teflon from the formula,
so YMMV.

I use MMO in my air tools, seems a bit thin for this application.


On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 10:43:10AM -0700, Stephen Hanselman wrote:
I've read some of the answers and wanted to add my two cents. We use marvel
mystery oil which seems ok so far. I was thinking about using silicon based
gun oil though


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On 8/13/19 10:30 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
I use mobil 1 5W30... because my car uses it, and I collect the drips
from "empty" bottles.

-Chuck Harris

Morris Odell wrote:
Hi all,

The fan in my 547 was running slow and taking a long time to run up to
speed. I took it apart to find the bearings all gummed up with sticky greasy
old oil. I've washed it all out with an appropriate solvent and now need to
relube it. Is there a recommended oil to use? I have various grades
available ranging from 3-in-1 to heavy EP90.

Do you think synthetic motor oil is as good as Kano Microil non gumming
instrument oil? I'm getting low on that oil.

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