Re: 5xx 'Scopes



I presently have thirty 500 series scopes that are restored or what I call "good enough to restore someday" and a few more that were bought as donors. I've had good luck on CL and private ads. The best areas I have seen are the Boston MA and Lancaster PA areas. Got my third 555 out of a basement in Boston area had the cart and original plastic cover with it. It was dirty but cleaned up beautifully and only had one resistor open. I did have to remove all 100 tubes to clean pins and sockets.

I really want to find a 519, but so far all the ones I have seen are in Midwest or far west, too far for a drive and I really don't want to ship one. Need one to turn up in the northeast.

You just have to keep looking and make sure you let friends who hit garage sales and the like what you are looking for. A couple of my 575's came that way.

I have over 100 scopes ranging from 1930 lab pieces to a modern digital units. Anything with a CRT is fair game to me.


Huh, that is an excellent point. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some around locally due to the reasons mentioned in a prior message. I'll keep my eyes open.


See Early TV at:

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