Re: General Radio 874 Connector, inner conductor "bendies"


This discussion of General Radio 874 connectors reminded me of an situation I encountered in the 1960s when my employer acquired a used General Radio VHF signal generator in a nice varnished Mahogany case. Unfortunately it had what turned out to be a General Radio type 774 output connector, instead of an 874, UHF, or type-N.  When I called the GR representative for help, he told me GR still reluctantly made available an adapter from the 774 to the 874 type that was available, but not advertised in the catalog.

The 774-series connectors were the predecessors of the 874-type and best described as a banana plug encased with an outer shield.  They were not hermaphroditic.
The 874 connectors were a quantum leap over their predecessor.  They were very convenient to use, not easily damaged, and showed little wear with use.  And they had a wide range of compatible accessories.  But their undoing began as communications moved to ever higher frequencies. The 874 connectors began to show VSWR and repeatability problems above 6 or 7 GHz or so and were replaced by type-N and SMA connectors for applications above 8 or 10 GHz. 

Nevertheless, for frequencies up to 1 or 2 GHz,  their convenience of use remains unparalleled. 

Bruce Hunter

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