Re: General Radio 874 Connector, inner conductor "bendies"

Dale H. Cook

On 8/6/2019 5:44 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:

My initial question is… Is that normal, or is the center conductor of the connector damaged?
I would pretty much have to look at the actual connector to tell whether that is a trick of lighting or signs of damage. There are no "bendies" on the leaves of a GR-874 inner conductor, just on the outer conductor. You couldn't have anything bent outwards on the inner conductor in any case as that would cause an impedance bump in the skin effect flow of current.

My initial guess is the matching, inserter GR-874, after being rotated, and mated, has damaged the insertee?
GR-874 connectors are not rotated. They are inserted straight into each other and held by friction. GR later introduced locking rings to prevent accidental separation, but GR-874 connectors with or without locking rings will mate with each other.

If so, how does the mated pair maintain 50 ohms?
They do do by presenting smooth surfaces on the outside of the inner conductor and the inside of the outer conductor the same way that any RF connector must do to provide constant impedance.
Dale H. Cook, GR/HP/Tek Collector, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA

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