Re: O.T. question on MoVs

Dave Seiter

Yes, and sometimes the fake markings are better than the real parts.  Back in the late nineties a company I was working for bought a mixed lot of HEXFETS (as I recall) that we desperately needed from a sketchy source, and some started failing.  We discovered that the parts that were failing were laser marked, while the genuine parts were painted.   In 2000 at another company, we found a batch of fake AVX or Kemet Ta caps.  They were marked the same way as the real parts but looked much better.  The kicker was that they came from an A list Disty.
You have to buy from legit sources, and even then be watchful.

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, 05:26:54 PM PDT, Mark Goldberg <> wrote:

I am not sure how to test them non-destructively. I only buy parts from
real distributors, so you know what you are getting. Much of the stuff from
Amazon / Aliexpess / Ebay, especially from international sources is
counterfeit or bad. Markings don't mean anything either as they paint those
on fakes too.



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