Re: Tek 500 connectors or similar? A bit off topic!!!

John Griessen

On 8/6/19 11:04 PM, Daniel Koller via Groups.Io wrote:
are there any very*similar* connectors to the Amphenol blue Tek 500 plug in connectors that would serve in a similar capacity?   Prefereably they would be commonly available, and be a relatively simple swap for bot the male and female versions.   That would allow me to pull the two males and one female out of my radios and use them to fix the damaged connectors on a couple of Tek 500 plug-ins that need them.
Cinch card edge connectors with 0.156 or so spacing? I have some of those in widths like 8 10 12 pairs of contacts. Can you rig a card edge to stick out of your racks/boxes?

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