Tek 500 connectors or similar? A bit off topic!!!

Daniel Koller

Hi all,
   I have another slightly off topic but on topic question, again related to my car!  You can tell I've been working on and playing with my '67 Mustang convertible lately, and btw after checking it out with my scope, and other trouble shooting, I replaced the ignition coil, and it is running absolutely perfectly now.
  So anyway, years ago, while in high school (and now I mean 30 years ago) I built myself a custom "Benzi Box" for my radio.  It being a convertible, I didn't want the top slashed, so someone could steel the radio.   Using the original dashboard bezel, and some folded metal framework, I built a custom frame and "plug in" for the radios (you can tell how this is related now...).  I have two radios I can simply swap in and out.  One is a Sound Stream AM/FM cassette, the other is the original AM pushbutton radio that came with the car.   A third will soon be a 1970's vintage 8-track.   The plug-in around the radio connects to the frame in the car using a multi-pin connector to carry +12V, ground, stereo left/right  front and back, antenna power, etc.
   Now, the problem is that I used a set of connectors from a Tek 500 plug-in, as I had a few junkers at the time (and I was a bit clueless).   Clearly, these are a bit more valuable to me now.
   The question then, is are there any very *similar* connectors to the Amphenol blue Tek 500 plug in connectors that would serve in a similar capacity?   Prefereably they would be commonly available, and be a relatively simple swap for bot the male and female versions.   That would allow me to pull the two males and one female out of my radios and use them to fix the damaged connectors on a couple of Tek 500 plug-ins that need them.   And I'd have something a bit more replaceable for the radios.   I need at least as many pins because they are all used!

  Thanks for the Ideas in advance,  Dan

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