Re: General Radio 874 Connector, inner conductor "bendies"

Merchison Burke

I don't see any bending. What I see are the sharp edges have been chamfered which makes it easy to mate with another GR874 connector. All my GR874 connectors look the same.

On 2019-Aug-06 5:44 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:
Hi All:
Apologies, if this has been covered (there are a lot of posts on 874!).. but the picture on Tekwiki of the GR-874 (the one with the plug facing the viewer... so you can see into it)??? well that picture shows two of the leaves of the center conductor, bent in at the corners, and so having little "bendies" barbs, or tangs. (You have to see the picture!).
My initial question is??? Is that normal, or is the center conductor of the connector damaged? (You can see a bit of those "bendies" on the leaves of the outer conductor, in the picture, too.) My initial guess is the matching, inserter GR-874, after being rotated, and mated, has damaged the insertee? If so, how does the mated pair maintain 50 ohms?
Best regards and wishes.

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