Re: Tektronix high voltage transformer rewind and vertical output for 7104

Kyle Rhodes

Unfortunately I'm no help with the rewind -- but I have a 7934 transformer
I'd like rewound as well. If you find someone, sign me up too!


KSR Amps / Rhodes Amplification, LLC
Kyle Rhodes
(513) 480-2677

On Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 12:48 PM Mark Vincent <orangeglowaudio@...>

I have a 454, 647A and 7904 that have bad high voltage transformers that
need rewinding. I am looking for someone that can and will do these with
time frames and prices. I am also looking for the vertical output IC for a
7104. If the transformer for the 7904 cannot be rewound, I will look for
the A version (preferred with options 3 and 78). I have the transformers I
can send off to someone who will rewind them. Thanks.


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