Re: TDS 3032 - opinions?

Dave Casey

The TDS3000B series has built in Ethernet too. They're good scopes and very
portable, just not nearly as easy to repair as the older stuff. The price
you're getting is about as good as it gets for the 3032, though these have
been getting cheaper lately.

Dave Casey

On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 11:59 AM Vern VanZ via Groups.Io <n7gtb=> wrote:

Greetings All,
I have an opportunity to purchase a used TDS3032B that appears to work.
Price is in the neighborhood of $500. I've never owned one, but used a
TDS200 series scope several years ago, and really liked the portability.
I've read that others have been able to increase the bandwidth and sample
rate to 500Mhz/5GS/s, but other than that, I know little about this series
of scopes.
The one I'm considering has a printer port, but that's about it...
I would love to hear from anyone currently owning/using one.

I currently have a 454 and love using it, but am looking for something a
bit physically smaller/lighter that won't take up much room on my very
small work area and easier to move/carry.

Thanks in advance,-Vern

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