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Colin Herbert

A seller on eBay has 4 of these available in the correct package at C$43.40 each plus C$9.96 postage:


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I apologize if this has been asked but I was wondering if a T0-92 cased transistor could be used in place of a T0-32 transistor.

This would be for a 465B scope.

An example of what transistor I would be inquiring about.

Q4146 Tek PN 151-0406-00
Manufacturer information 01295, SGC7212
2N5401 T0-39 case
Tektronix certainly knew there were TO-92 and TO-18 transistors, so
when they used a TO-39 part, it was generally because they needed the
extra power capability.

In this particular case, the original 2N5401 part was in TO-92, and
they went to the trouble of having a custom part made in TO-39, so
it's even more likely that there was a good reason for it.

P.S. You are using a zero as the second character in TO, when it
should be letter O. TO = transistor outline

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