Re: 2465B VERT CAL 02 + CAL 01


Dear Chuck
Mille mercis encore for all your sage advise and experience!

I finished the cal of #1, 2467 OPT 06/09 ser B0104xx. I had every cal cable, test fixture and generator. All went fine but a few questions please.

1/ CAL 01 HOR was very long, at 3 steps for B sweep, I could not align traces and hit limits, so the procedure would step back and reiterate many times. The result did not converge to a solution, the bench scope trace separation got worse or better each time, but did not close for about 20 iterations each of the 3 steps.

Perhaps my initial pulse count was off?
Is it better to approach a limit and then end step or to hit the limit and end step?
How does the test program converge if you hit limits? After hours I finally finished and it IS calibrated!

2. This is an early unit, thru hole A5 with separate RAM and battery. I used the closest manual, for 2467: SN B011246 and above, the UIT is SN B0104xx

For CAL 06, transient response near the end, the scope steps deviated, with many additional steps not in the manual.
I just passed thru all of those and the result seems OK. Do you have any manual for this low SN 2467? (at least for CAL 06)?

Now just Three more to go, 2465B/2467B with better manuals, this old brain may still have a few neurons to spare..
As I follow the CAL procedures and finish, I can only marvel at the engineering and performance of these 30 years old machines!

Happy to have your comments and guidance!

Bon journée,


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