Re: Vintage 7104 with all 4 plugs , lookg for trade or sell

Tony Fleming

OK, what is your maximum investment?
Rigol is a very good start and even more extensive scope than many of the
same kind+price range.
70MHz is good, I would not go any lower speed, but if you can spend the
money, I would 100MHz, if it was me and yes 4 channels!
Go to youtube and watch some videos, before you buy one.

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 11:36 AM Armando <@Armando49> wrote:

Hello Tony

I need something basic, for Hobby , entry level testing, Of basic
consumer products like the square wave of the Car audio Amplifiers IC's
that drive the mosfets
ESC, electronic speed controllers of electric scooters and things like
that. 100 or even 50 mhz would probably be ok. 2 to 4 channels . I dont
mind use oscilloscope, as long as it works.


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