Re: 2465 - No trigger no trace...

Tony Fleming

I have the 2465 DMS and it was broken when I received it.
I had to clean + lubricate the BEAM FIND switch! It took some time to
clean, but now it works great!
This switch does much more than you would think, by its function!
Also, check the real voltage from your power supply!
Good luck!

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 5:00 AM Chris Don <chd3@...> wrote:

Thanks to all! Penguin, you were right to ask this question! - I always
use AUTO trigger and I must have accidentally flipped a switch without
thinking of it as a possible cause (oops)...
The problem is, on this machine, most of the time the status LEDs don't
light during operation (they do light during power-up sequence but remain
off afterward).
I sort of got used to it, but it obviously plays tricks on me and it is
time I look into this issue.
Have you ever encountered this issue? A faulty register?


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