Re: Vintage 7104 with all 4 plugs , lookg for trade or sell

Tony Fleming

I have Aktakome from this seller: BUT what they do is that they
install all the functions on your scope - nothing to buy after this
purchase! But one can also download illegal stuff and install all the
I like to buy my stuff legally, but that is just me.
The question is what kind of stuff you gonna measure?
Do you need 100 MHz or 200....500....?
How many channels do you need? (I like 4 myself and I have my scope for a
long time, but despite playing with Arduino and other small electronics, I
calculated 20MHz * 5 = 100 MHz.
If you like more information, google it, and also search for "what
oscilloscope speed should I buy". And see also this article:
Good luck with your scope!
PS: Have you considered used, but tested scopes?

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 10:02 AM Armando <@Armando49> wrote:

I just want a slim Digital Oscilloscope like Rigol DS1054Z Digital
They go for around 350 dollars

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