5L4N Calibration Frustration

Jason A.

Hello All,

I've finally found a pair of 5000-series extension cables and went through the calibration process for my 5L4N. Once I had everything working as it should, I reinstalled all the shielding and screws to get it ready to go back in the mainframe and thought I had better try it one more time before calling it a day. Everything was all out of whack again - from the timing on the sweep to what the sweep was displaying. So I pulled all the screws out, took the shields off, opened it back up and depending on how I had things opened up (left panel in place, right panel open at 90 degrees, etc.), it would operate in varying accuracy levels.

I then started poking around at the various wiring harnesses and coax running through and found moving those made no difference. Applying a jumper ground from various portions of the chassis to other ground points didn't seem to make any difference either. I then used a chop-stick to apply gentle pressure on the boards where it looked like the wires may have pushed up against them and looked for any caps that might get bent over when the sides are closed. No difference.

What am I missing?!

Thanks and best regards,


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