Re: DP501 digital prescaler


From my "library" of TM500/5000 information it looks like: the DP501 was available from 1984-1993. In 1984 the description mentions the DC5009 and DC5010. In the 1985 catalog pg372 it says: "The DP501 Digital Prescaler adds 1.3GHz frequency counting capability to the Tektronix DC503A, DC509, DC5009, DC510 and DC5010 Universal Counter Timers." I have a 125MHz DC503A counter and it does have a GHz indicator light. I could not find any mention of the DP501 in the manual. I checked the 070-2088-04 Rear interface data book and could not find the DP501 in it either. I found a ServiceTEKNote at that appears to cover setting up DC503A to DP501.

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