Re: New member intro, and a request....


Welcome WA6ILQ,
Plan to finally get around to doing my Tech and Gen HAM exams.
Always gazed at adverts for Tek scopes etc. in Radio Electronics mags from the late 70s & 80s. Could never buy one until some second hand 2465 & 2465A units a few years ago. Plus I also have a couple TM503s and about 9 plugins targeting calibration of those scopes.

Sadly, I don't use those fine analog scopes atm, as my lab space is so congested I need the compact (Rigol 300Mhz) digital units. My biggest Bandwidth scope is a 3Ghz Tek TDS694C in good cal.
Haven't done up new project write ups lately either as I had major surgery near Christmas last year with a 2 week to brain death encephalitis scenario driven by a 'silent' stage 2 cancer tumour.

Well, I'm still here to be an active part of the group. BTW, the neurologist found my cognitive brain healing (measured & documented by EEGs and MRis) has exceeded normal expectations....probably due to the technical work we all do, so I have documented evidence that our work/hobbies keep brain synapses and axions strong.

Welcome Again...

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