2245A mains filtering

Brian Cockburn


I'm looking at replacing the three Y class and two X class capacitors in the PSU of my (new to me) 2245A as a very first step to keeping it in tip-top condition. How critical are the values of these capacitors? The Y class are 1.5nF (1500pF) and the X class are 150nF (0.15uF). I'm guessing that '22', '33', and '47' would be OK replacements for '15' if these are what's available at a reasonable price and (low enough) quantity.

Secondly, the mains inlet filter. I've read that there can be problems with these things. My unit has a Corcom filter (250 VAC, 3A, 50-60Hz). It has 8734 on it which seems likely for the date of manufacture given the filter is original to the 'scope. Do I need to worry about the age of the filter and fit a new one or are these units built to last?

Thanks, Brian.

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