Re: New member intro, and a request....

Brian Cockburn


I too am interested in a cover as my 2245A came without one. However as I got the 'scope at a bargain price (I think) I'm on the lookout for an inexpensive cover. Which is to say on that's not 20% of what I paid for the scope.

My point of posting is really to ask if 3D printing would be a viable and relatively inexpensive way forward? Or is this too an expensive option. I have already had a bit of a poke about in the places suggested for 3D print files for feet and knobs and didn't find any covers.

As a neophyte to 3D printing it would seem that a cover is a classic case for a parametric design with width, height, depth, and corner radius being all the parameters that would be needed for a generic replacement cover.

Cheers, Brian.

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