DP501 Digital Prescaler


I have one of these (and in mint condition, probably because nobody ever used it), and have not been able to find a manual anywhere, so it's hard to answer this burning question:

Why on EARTH does it divide by 16? how is this good for anybody in practice? every other prescaler on earth (including the ones in other Tek counters) provides effective divide by 10 results so the data is instantly usable, but this item does not. Is there some mystical way it fixes that by a rear panel connection I can't see (thanks to no manual)?

I have tested it, and YES, it does in fact divide by 16, and mine worked up the 1.6Ghz with no trouble.
what I can't figure out is why it works this way with other Tek counters, like my DC503, which has a GHz indicator, but makes no special use of the DP501. I feel like there is an answer out there, I am just not sure where it is hiding in all the Tek docs. Are there some magical backplane connections that make this work correctly? I would really like to know, the catalog listing is totally unhelpful, and seems to imply this has a solution, but doesn't say how.

any help appreciated,
walter (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca)
sphere research corp.

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