Re: Big pile of TM500 modules available


I too would be interested in some. Please let us know what's available at
what price, and the parts/repairable status.

On Jul 12, 2019 3:27 PM, "walter shawlee" <walter2@...> wrote:

I have been fixing TM500 stuff for the last week, and slowly accumulating
a pile of bad plug ins that I don't want to fix. all look good
cosmetically, complete with covers, but are triplicates or require parts
changes I am not inspired to do. Includes PS501-1, PI702, DM505 (just
needed cal), DM502, FG501A, FG501, DC501 and probably a few more by the end
of the weekend when I hope to be done. a few are missing pull tabs. also
have a TM503 I don't want any more.

anybody interested in a big pile of these cheaply? otherwise I will turn
them into parts.

all the best,

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