Re: Tektronix 2430A occasionally fails some tests

Bob Koller

Have you recapped the power supply? ALL of this model need to have ALL the small electrolytic caps replaced as a matter of course. Until the power supply is solid, you cannot be sure of any other problem.
Also, as you may know, you cannot operate this scope out of the case for more than a very few minutes without providing external airflow over the main board hybrids. Also, do not block the internal fan, as it cools the power supply.

When the PSU is known to be good with new caps, you have performed a Self Cal, and intermittent failures persist, one can consider a CCD or PA failure. It does occur occasionally in my experience of having worked on 100+ of the 24xx digital scopes.
You can swap the hybrids between the channels and observe if the problem follows. You can also try cleaning the hybrid connector contact fingers, sometimes this will correct a problem.

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