Re: 7603 Intensity control assembly 311-1404-00


I did fix one a while back, simply replaced the long rivets with a length of M1.8 stainless studding and some nuts - a couple of quid off ebay as I recall


On 7/11/2019 12:43 PM, NigelP wrote:
I suspect these are like hen's teeth but has anybody (preferably in the UK) got one or two to spare (nothing in Sphere)???

I've got two 7603s with broken readout pots and ideally need to replace them. I am assuming there's little chance of opening them to try an internal repair since they look like they are riveted together even if they seem to clip together. I suppose if push comes to shove it might possible to drill out the rivets and then super glue back together.

By the way, does anyone know if the "switch" actually does anything??? I have two other 7603s that work correctly but I don't see how the switch (readout on/off) is in any way functional; nothing seems to pull/push to activate the switch.

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