Re: Tektronix 2215, pulsing/chirping noise, no trace.

Samuel Rey

I do have the service manual. However, I'm struggling to isolate the actual
faulty component. I have for now removed the rifa filter caps and will be
replacing them. Even though it didn't work, I might as well since they were
all cracked. Surprisingly not shorted but yeah, I don't want to have them
in there. So far, what the actual problem seems to be is that something
makes the prereg output excessive voltage, so it goes into the protection
mode and ticks. Almost all voltages I measure in the board are alternating
between too high and too low, with the ticking sound in between. What I
don't know is what could be causing it. Something shorted to GND?

El mar., 9 jul. 2019 a las 16:13, <tekscopegroup@...> escribió:

Good thing you where already able to isolate the fault to the
pre-regulator, which should make for a much easier fix. This should always
be one of the first steps to take with power supply problems in the 22xx
series. Now you need to check every part on that pre-reg stage, specially
all the semiconductors, but also look for possibly dried out elco caps
before you do any further power up tests as you might burn up recently
replaced components if there are still other faults that have not been
fixed. I assume you already have the full service manual, otherwise
definitively get one first before going in any deeper. Send in your updates
with any additional findings, and good luck with the troubleshooting.

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