Tektronix 2215, pulsing/chirping noise, no trace.

Samuel Rey

Hi, I found this group trying to find a solution to my problem. I have a
Tek 2215 that died as I was using it. I was using it and in between
measurements (I was soldering a couple things and left the scope on) it
started making a chriping or hiccuping noise. I have isolated the issue to
the prereg board - A18, and I replaced an IRF820 MOSFET on the board, but
it didn't work. Output from the board is still 0V. If I feed 43V to the
scope, bypassing the prereg board, it turns on just fine, so I have to
diagnose that board. I am not sure how to, though. More info, and the chirp
itself, can be found at


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