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Paul Amaranth

If the ripple is within the specs shown in the manual, better to leave them alone.

If not, replacement is not too bad. The best way of doing that is to get some
little adapter boards that plug into the filter cap footprint on the main board
and allow you to use a modern 105C snap cap. You can find them on ebay, gerbers
are floating around the net that you can send to a board house or you can etch your own.

Tek used the can as a jumper so all three of the pads for the can have to be
jumpered when replacing the cap.


On Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 05:33:53AM -0700, Andrew Stanworth via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks very much for that Colin. I did in fact manage to find that part number after my posting and have since managed to order some "new old stock" genuine Tek replacements. The new knobs have arrived and are a great improvement to the front panel. My current project is fabricating a "box" to serve as a front cover and also, more importantly, to enable me to remove the case in the manner Tek recommends. I found trying to slide the case off on the bench pretty dodgy and was concerned that I might damage something in the process! Still haven't decided whether or not to replace the PSU caps. Maybe measuring the rail voltages and ripple will give me some idea about their condition?
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