Re: Preparing to rebuild a Tek 2445 Power Supply - Any Advice?

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

You won't break the collet if you don't turn the slotted
screw! The slot is there so you can loosen the nut without
turning the slotted screw (and breaking the collet).

Simply put a screwdriver in the slot, using an open end wrench,
loosen the nut until it is flush with the slot, and give the
nut a tap, while holding the fan impeller. The collet will
instantly release... remove the nut, and pull the collet (still
on the shaft) out of the impeller, and once you have done that,
use the screwdriver, if necessary, to pry the collet off of
the shaft. Prying is usually not necessary.

-Chuck Harris

Bob Koller via Groups.Io wrote:

There is no battery on the 2445, it has an EAROM chip instead.

The fan motor can be lubricated after removal from the PCB, by placing a drop of oil or two on the shaft, and allowing it to stand vertical overnight. Also, on the terminal end, in the center there is a small screw that adjusts the armature end play. You dig out the sealant, remove the screw, and again a drop or two of oil, and vertical storage to allow the oil to creep into the bearing. Replace the screw, and carefully adjust for a little end play of the armature.

It is almost certain that in removal of the fan impeller the collet will break. This is a constant problem with Siemens fan units. There are several ways to fix it. A search of the Forum should provide insight.

No worry about loss of the cal with any of this. No easy way to save the constants, don't worry, you don't need to.

Good Luck!

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