Re: Part needed for Type 576 Curve Tracer

tom jobe <tomjobe@...>

Hello Micheal,
You have gotten quite a bit of help from the Tekscopes group on your various projects, so a nice summary of your 576 repair would seem like the proper thing to do.
The Tekscopes message archive will retain your repair summary for many years to come and help many others.
tom jobe....

On 6/23/2019 10:55 PM, Mlynch001 wrote:

If anyone is interested, I would be glad to outline what I found and what was done to bring this beast back from the dead. I am so very happy to have been able to buy this wonderful machine at a price that many are charging for the Device adapters alone. There are these diamonds in the rough out there floating around and I was fortunate to be there at the right time.

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