Re: Dumont knock off of Tek

Bob Albert

The story I heard was that Dumont himself said that his company would always be the leader in oscilloscpes, somewhat akin to the president of Ford saying the Japanese could never erase the 20 year lead that Ford had.
Mr. Dumont didn't face reality.  Then we see that his company made a Tek clone.  I recall LaVoie for one doing that.  Or was that LeCroy?  Then Fairchild did it but they were the same as Dumont I think.  I owned one and it was a good performer.
This corporate ball of snakes really puts so many at a disadvantage.  Greed certainly turns out to be an enemy, but it's human nature apparently.

On Saturday, June 22, 2019, 02:46:19 PM PDT, Richard Knoppow <> wrote:

    A strange decision for DuMont since they were deeply involved
with television.

On 6/22/2019 2:28 PM, Richard Solomon wrote:
From what I was told back in the 60's,
it was a Marketing decision.

Dumont believed there was no market
for high frequency scopes so they
concentrated on low frequency (500 Kc
max) high sensitivity (microvolts in some
cases) scopes.

Tektronix held the opposite belief (high

We all know who made the right decision.

73, Dick, W1KSZ
Richard Knoppow

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