Re: HP 547a Current Tracer probe useful in finding shorted Capacitors ... was ... Most common capacitor spot failure in 7K scopes?

Harvey White

On 6/21/2019 10:32 PM, Dave Seiter wrote:
Was the clip-on logic probe part of the same family? (the one that clips on to a 14/16 pin DIP and auto senses the power pins) The pouch I have for the probe set also has a pocket for the clip-on probe.  A very cool tool, but I haven't used it since about 1985.
There were several sets.  3 probes, logic clip (maybe) in a pouch.  Ditto  (minus the current probe but definitely with the clip) in a box, optimized for TTL.  Much larger box with a clip on logic analyzer dongle that does individual chips.

Note that there were several varieties of logic probe and pulser, one optimized for TTL, one general use.  (T on the end of the model number)

Some probes had the BNC on them, those were meant to be used with the early logic analyzers which had 5 volts on a BNC at the back (I'll never understand why HP decided that back was good for short cables...)

the grabbers that will work are the ones with round pins, such as the ones for the very early LA's such as 1600, 1610, or so.


On Friday, June 21, 2019, 11:11:28 AM PDT, Jack Reynolds <> wrote:
Finding these for sale seems to be nearly impossible.  They appear to be
relatively low part count large component devices. It has also
apparently been quite a few years since they were for sale.  Hasn't
anyone copied them and made them for sale under another name by now.  Or
is this another case of so few people wanting to do component level
troubleshooting any more that there is no market?

Jack Reynolds

On 6/21/2019 1:19 PM, garp66 wrote:
Sometimes I use a common 9V battery cell with clip leads to independently power up the HP 547a Current Tracer, independent of the PCB that I am testing, thus isolating the PCB board power( with PCB either On or Off). The Logic Pulser HP 546a can also be powered independently with a 9V cell. Of course one can also connect  the 9V battery neg. terminal to the PCB-under-test, Or not, depending on various test issues, TBD, that one encounters.

These two small simple bits of HP test gear have well proven their worth-in-weight for many many years.

An HP AP Note  (.pdf) # 163-2, on these probes is available:

A HP Bench Brief (.pdf)  is also useful:


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