Re: Dumont knock off of Tek

Dave Seiter

Funny how things come in groups; I've never seen a transistorized Dumont scope in the flesh, but I literally stumbled on one this morning at an estate sale.  An R1062.  I would have never given it a second look, except for this post.  It was clean, undamaged, and the guy offered it to me for $5....  After digging up the proper HP power cord, I found out that it actually works, so I'm going to donate it to my buddy until I get the 7603 working.
Anyone ever seen a service manual or schematics for the 1062?  I took a quick look at the interior, and I don't remember any of the pots being labeled.   The trace rotation and horizontal width need help.
The panel layout could have been greatly improved- the horizontal centering is no where near the other horizontal controls, the delayed trigger controls are prominent while the normal trigger is almost hidden, and it took me forever to find the trigger source selector.  That's what you get when playing with a rackmount scope on a tabletop!

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I found this on the Seattle Craigslist

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