7603 center slot connector issue (was Dead 7603)

Jim Ford

I'm finally getting around to fixing my 7603, after almost a year. Now that the kids are out of school for the summer I should have time to work on it.

To refresh everyone's memory, after I replaced a 18,000 uF electrolytic capacitor on the 8 V rail with a more modern 22,000 uF job, I bumped the center plug-in slot connector, and half of it cracked off. With some help from this group, I used JB Weld to glue it back on. Unfortunately, the broken half kind of bowed when it went back on, and not all of the contacts connect when I put a plug-in into the middle slot. So the middle slot is useless at this point. I tried filing down the connector, but no luck so far.

Any ideas on the quickest, easiest way to fix it?

I'd post a photo, but I need to know how to do so first. Dennis?

Thanks, everybody!

Jim Ford

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