Re: PG506 standard amplitude output rise-time?

Adrian Nicol

Thanks Siggi & Albert,

Yes, that was my point and I think Albert is correct, lifting one end of C315 makes the fast noise worse at very low amplitude outputs, although hanging a .05 uF ceramic cap in it's place seems to pretty much get it back where it was in terms of noise but with a much improved rise time. Of course that may just be telling me the noise is way worse than it should be and I need to look at the state of supplies etc - will prod around some more!


On 6/14/2019 9:18 AM, Albert Otten wrote:
That's true Siggi, but it doesn't explain the presence of C315 0.22uF across the output.
The 10V-and-below goes down to 0.2 mV. At that low amplitudes spikes produced by the switching power supply appear in the output signal and can be larger than the signal amplitude. I guess C315 serves to reduces these spikes.

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