CSA803A: screen copy and trace sample data download


Hi all,

Recently, I obtained an 11K series CSA803A equivalent time sampling scope. After getting familiar with it, I tried to download a screen copy to my PC using the software by Gudjon (see also message #144012). After adapting the used modules to current versions for Python 3.7.1, I observed some minor distortions in some of the letters. This turned out to be caused by the image decoding part in the software, which could be easily resolved.

Further, I wanted to have the sample data available for further processing in Matlab or Excel. For this I wrote two Python programs: one for downloading the scaled (time- voltage or X-Y) values from a single trace (when in ‘Display Modes’ => ‘Persist/Histogram’ setting ‘Normal’), and a separate program one for downloading the scaled values from multiple successive traces used for the persistence screen result (when in ‘Display Modes’ => ‘Persist/Histogram’ ‘Variable’ persistence setting).

The programs all use the RS232C interface and can be downloaded here (more details are given in de README file):

The screen copy software also runs with my 11403A, but not for the 11402. The sample values download programs only works for my CSA803A, however, I expect them to run with the CSA803C and 11801B/C as well.

Enjoy and kind regards,

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