Re: EZ Test for 4041

Gary Robert Bosworth

It is hard for me to understand why Tektronix did not include a small boot
ROM to get the instrument up and running. Why boot from mag tape which is
notorious for weak signals after a few years of sitting around?

There are two things that I still need for my 4041. I need a 160K memory
card, and the ROM04. If you have either of these, I am interested to
purchase them.
Gary B.

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I have a similar issue with my 4041. I have been attempting to reverse
engineer the tape controller with a view to making up a tape emulator based
on an SD card. However, due to lack of time and it being a difficult
circuit to decipher, I haven’t made much progress on this.

In the interim I have been experimenting using a terminal emulator, via a
custom adapter to convert RS232 to the keyboard port logic levels, to enter
suitable commands to transfer the console port to the rear panel RS232
port. On this port I connect a PC terminal emulator and can use the PC to
edit, upload and save programs. At the moment this is a tedious process as
I have to enter the initial commands into the terminal emulator by hand but
I have been thinking of programming up a little micro controller to fit
inside the LEMO plug and automatically squirt the requisite commands into
the keyboard port every time the 4041 is powered up. Again, due to lack of
time, I haven’t made any progress on this.

I see from your signature that you are a Kiwi. I am located in
Christchurch. Perhaps we could get together and collaborate to make these
4041s usable again.


Gary Robert Bosworth
Tel: 310-317-2247

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