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Richard Knoppow

I am a member of a fairly large number of mailing lists. Of those the most heavily trafficked is the -hp-/Agilent/Keysight group, second is TekScopes. Nothing else comes close.

On 6/6/2019 5:46 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
Go to the TekScopes Home Page
At the top is a blue band that extends the width of the window. On the left side of this blue band are three choices: "Groups"; "Your Groups", and "Find or Create a Group".
Click on "find or Create a Group".
The list of can be broken down by Most Popular, Most Active, Newest, or Name. Down at the bottom of the page is a (primitive) way to scroll through the results. It mentions down there that has over 12,000 groups at the present time. Some have only one member and no activity at all so don't get too excited by the number of groups. On the other hand the MOST POPULAR group is
updates / Updates
Official announcement group for updates to the service.
Created: 09/21/14
593,226 Members, 90 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post: May 31
It has more members (almost 600,000!) by far than even the 2nd most active group, Svackshee, which has fewer than 24,000 members. But even with 600,000 members it only has 90 topics so it would be near the very end of the MOST ACTIVE list.
Dennis Tillman
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How does one view these statistics?
On 6/6/2019 7:13 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
TekScopes is the 17th MOST POPULAR group on out of 12,000 groups.
This is determined by the number of members we have (7,711).

We are way down the MOST ACTIVE list which ranks groups by
the number of different topics in their archives. We have 32,651
different topics.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

Richard Knoppow

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