Re: EZ Test for 4041

Vince Vielhaber

There was a hard drive available for it. It was small, 10MB I think, but it worked. Really slow, but better than tapes.

Vince - K8ZW.

On 06/06/2019 01:07 AM, Dave Brown wrote:
My 4041 is still languishing here due to lack of a DC100A tape that will allow me to boot it and make it useable. Think I'm about ready to give up and part it out or whatever - it's only been sitting here unused for well over 10 years! What they need is for some clever dude to come up with an adapter to boot them or load other software from an SD card or similar.
DaveB, NZ

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Does anyone have a DC-100A tape with Tektronix EZ-TEST software on it for the Tektronix 4041 GPIB Controller, that they are interested in selling? Mine has become weak with time and is not reliable anymore.

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