Does anyone have a spare tektronix 013-0208-02 hook adapter?


Noticed that one of my P6137 probes came with the wrong witch's hat and was causing erratic behavior. Upon closer examination I noticed the internal mating point of the hook adapter to the probe tip is actually too wide and designed for a wider 3.5mm probe tip (it works just fine if I use it with the 013-0202-02 2.5-to-3.5mm adapter). I compared it to the working adapter of the other probe and a smaller gap at the mating point is immediately apparent.

So looking at the Subminiature (2.5mm) Probe System Accessories diagram at the link bellow, it seems I am in need of the correct hook adapter which is PN 013-0208-02, but there are currently none on ebay.

Anyone have one 013-0208-0x kicking around that they want to sell? Even a used one in good shape would be fine.
Paypal & ship to zip 33152 FL.

Thanks for looking.

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