Re: TDS744 not 'A' has a problem , help needed

Stephen Hanselman


Look at the earlier messages, but... what you need is a computer w/HPIB that the Tek software sees. And that is more of the problem than anything else. Next ideally is a SG503 and SG504, a good DC standard and DC meter.

The 540B needs the DMM to do the 50ohm calibration. Everything else is read the pc screen and do what it says. I’ve never counted but each channel is calibrated on each range (4 steps each rage step) and then ch1 to ch2, ch1 to ch3, etc (12 steps each) then the time base is fairly straight forward about 25 steps for each of 2 programs. In other words long and boring. I’ve had 540Bs that took 3 min for each of the vert amp cal steps, then others that went in 30 Sec or so.

You might also want to look for “clearerr.exe” this cleans the log files off of the scope


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On May 31, 2019, at 13:02, Brian via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hi Leo ,I will do my best to let all interested parties know how I get on . I am very interested in the process as its something I have never done before as I am very new to having a digital scope . The nearest I got was a 7D20 for a very long time and then a 7854 but they are nothing like the TDS744 , it has no pots to adjust !!

On Friday, 31 May 2019, 20:55:10 BST, satbeginner <@satbeginner> wrote:

Hi, I have a TDS540B that I repaired, and somewhere down the line I would like to calibrate that too.

So I'm also interested in the manual calibration process :-)

I have a collection of marker and frequency generators, also some GPS controlled ones.

Looking forward to your progress,

Un saludo,


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