Re: TDS744 not 'A' has a problem , help needed


Hi Leo ,I will do my best to let all interested parties know how I get on . I am very interested in the process as its something I have never done before as I am very new to having a digital scope . The nearest I got was a 7D20 for a very long time and then a 7854 but they are nothing like the TDS744 , it has no pots to adjust !!

On Friday, 31 May 2019, 20:55:10 BST, satbeginner <@satbeginner> wrote:

Hi, I have a TDS540B that I repaired, and somewhere down the line I would like to calibrate that too.

So I'm also interested in the manual calibration process :-)

I have a collection of marker and frequency generators, also some GPS controlled ones.

Looking forward to your progress,

Un saludo,


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