Re: Clock error on TDS3034

Harvey White

On 5/31/2019 11:35 AM, Bob Koller via Groups.Io wrote:
There are also generic LED strips available where you can trim to length, within a 3-LED pitch, as the electrical configuration is 3 LED's in series, with each triplet in parallel.
I have used these to replace the CCFL in several LCD modules. They come with a small inverter that provides intensity control.
If those are the same that I have seen, the LEDs are about 1 inch apart.  The strips are about half an inch wide.  The strips that I have used are about 1/8 inch wide, take up about 3/16 in depth and have six or seven LEDs on the front, and the same number of SMT 1206 resistors on the back.  The LEDS are 1/2 inch or less apart. That may be a requirement dependent on the diffuser that the display manufacturer.

For this design, I opted for lower voltage so this runs from +4 to +5 depending on the series resistors and the design current for the LEDS.

What they do for a commercial replacement is another matter, I don't know.  Mine are designed to fit in the same (roughly) physical space as the original CCFL lamp.

Looks as if the CCFL lamps that you replaced have a much larger size.


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