Re: 2465B battery

Chuck Harris

No, it is not a CR2032. It is a 0.6" DIP format battery
that is made by Eagle-Pitcher. It can be had from OSI,
and typically costs $16.

In a pinch, you can install a wire leaded Tadrian 1/2 AA
size lithium cell in its place, though it comes a little
close to the case.

-Chuck Harris

Alberto I2PHD wrote:

On 2019-05-31 17:45, Bob Koller via Groups.Io wrote:

Nope, the 2465B has a Dallas chip.
I think that is true for the second series, those with SN >= B050000
Mine has a SN = B012133, and as such it has a battery and cmos ram setup.

My question is if that battery is a CR2032 or different.

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