Re: Clock error on TDS3034

Jim Ford

Yep, we use the TDS3032B, 3034B, and 3054B at work (Raytheon).  Great little scopes!I get the CR2032 coin cells from Digi-Key in quantity 50 for about 25 cents apiece.  Versus several dollars apiece at the drugstore.  I use 'em in my pocket LED flashlight and LED baseball cap.The backup battery in my TLA711 controller went out a couple years ago so I tried to replace the module (memory, battery, and 32. kHz crystal) with a memory chip with the xtal and CR2032 holder soldered on top.  But I botched the job and lost a trace or two on the board.  Someday I'll ask this group where to get a schematic....Good luck, David.I was lucky in that the coin cell holder fit nicely over the rather large 24-pin DIP memory IC.  Pins were just far enough apart to solder down and hold the holder in place.Jim Ford Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

-------- Original message --------From: David Kuhn <Daveyk021@...> Date: 5/31/19 3:58 AM (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: Re: [TekScopes] Clock error on TDS3034 " You may have read in my recent post that I have successfully dug out theempty battery and connected another one so my quest is over.  "Could you email pics of that, or publish them here?  I would like to know,where in that chip the battery is.   I saved my old chip and had intendedto "dig" in to it at some time.  Then what, find a 2032 battery socketsomewhere, or rob one off an old mother board and glue that socket to thetop of the chip?  There may be some space issues inside the scope where toput that socket on the chip, or locate it out of the way and run wires.The original series of the TDS3032 and TDS3034 are still great scopes (Iused to have a 3034 and a 3054 at work before GE Closed us down and movedthe plant overseas).    Now, I own two TDS3032s.  I have automatic softwarethat I wrote that uses the scopes via GPIB as part of a test system forinstruments that I work on.  I replaced one of the backlight tubes in myone TDS3032 to brighten up the display.  The display is the same one usedin an instrument I work on.  I had located a source of the backlight tubes,but that has dried up now.  I have a supply to use for my customer'sinstruments, but don't know if I could find them anymore.  I had the NECpart number for those tubes, but may not be able to find it anymore.Anyway, I think they are super scopes.  They have a great digitization ratefor their time.  They have features some new scopes can not offer.  Here'sa big one: Set the Mid-Reference points for the pulse width measurements. The TDS3000 series is the only one I have seen that has that feature.  Youcan get a TDS3032 for $1500, or less.  New the TDS3032C is somewhere around$10K?!!  It has a USB socket and maybe able to interface via network, butother than that, it is still basically the same as far as I can tell.DaveDaveOn Thu, May 30, 2019 at 10:37 AM Raymond Domp Frank <@Raymond>wrote:> Thanks David K. for your info. The company that you linked to seems to> have 1 (!) clock/ram module left.> You may have read in my recent post that I have successfully dug out the> empty battery and connected another one so my quest is over.>> Raymond>> >>

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