Re: Clock error on TDS3034


Images of battery removal here:

I got the battery out of the DS1742W-150 clock module/RAM as follows:
Looking at the top of the module, pin 1 at the lower left, I saw a slight circular bulge in the top area above pins 7 - 18, so about the right half of the module. Since I hadn't been successful in trying to purchase a new module, I decided to go in and remove material from the top right half. After milling off about 2 mm, I reached the minus (-) pole of the Lithium battery with a metal tab welded on. I wedged in a surgical knife between battery and tab and bent the tab back, away from the "theater". I was able to free the rest of the battery by digging further until I could slightly move the battery up and down. I removed more material from the side (above pins 15-16) so I could slip in a surgical knife underneath. Using that and without being able to see the exact layout, I was able to cut off the plus (+) tab underneath by easing the knife between battery and welded-on tab. I took care not to take too much material away to the left of the battery because I suspect that's where the quartz lives.
Not a very big deal apart from the "heroism" to go in and risk it all but it made me a happy camper...

I soldered a pair of wires to the tabs, covered the area with heat glue and connected a CR2032 in a socket. I put the module with battery on top into a low profile socket on the PCB. Leaves about 3 mm room.
Timekeeping is fine, GPIB address, time/div and vertical settings are remembered flawlessly.


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