Re: Packaging 7854 scope for shipment?

John Griessen

On 5/25/19 3:23 PM, Brad Thompson wrote:
I'd plan on swaddling the scope in multiple layers of bubble-wrap, with a sheet
of resilient foam to protect the front panel.
above is not enough. I like Dave D's methods below:

On 5/25/19 5:49 PM, Dave Daniel wrote:> 1. Accumulate sufficient polyethylene foam. Note that polyethylene foam pieces may be cut and glued together using small amounts
of epoxy to make custom-sized pieces.

2. Select a box that has at least 2" of space around the 7854. 3" or 4" will be better.

3. I'd lay a piece of foam in the bottom of the box which fits the entire bottom of the box (see #6, below) , cut another piece to
fit up against the rear power supply fins and which extends rearward at least 1/2" beyond the rear enclosure that sits above the
power supply, thus protecting the connectors on that rear enclosure.

4. Cut a piece of foam that fits between the front of the box and the plug-in bay (ship the plug-ins separately) and which
extended up to just below the CRT bezel, leaving the CRT face and front panel controls at least 1/2" clear of the box.

5. Stuff foam down along the sides of the 'scope. These pieces would be longer than they are tall, but they need not run the
entire length of the side of the box. The key here is to prevent side motion and provide compliance between the sides of the
'scope and the box. If the pieces move or slip, it won't matter as long as they stay captured between the 'scope sides and the box.
I find styrofoam TV packing parts can be useful also, but will need to be 4 inches surround,
and still have some of the bouncy polyethylene foam in the mix for its correct resilience, springiness in
decelerating your scope in a total oaf 4 inches distance.
polyurethane upholstery foam is not dense enough.
Corners need to be tough stuff since the forces
are concentrated on a point, ( the corner). multi layered corrugated paper corners can be good.
Polyethylene foam solid in the corners (4" thick with a corner dent in it), is great.

If you pack it full of plugins, use 6 " at the front and back, not 4".

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