Re: Packaging 7854 scope for shipment?

Dave Seiter

Since boxes of the correct size can be hard to come by, I almost always use cardboard from bicycle shops and construct my own boxes.  The cardboard is free, and you get a custom fit, but it does take a while.  The other advantage is that bicycle box cardboard is heavier than most and usually triwall.  I like to use PE foam planking when I can get it (the type quality electronics get shipped in), and design the outer box as a sacrificial protector of the inner box.  The boxes get large quickly this way, and usually exceed the limit imposed by USPS (108"?), so UPS/FEDEX is about the only shipping method.  Most pack and ship places rarely deal with items that are of similar size/weight/fragility, so they really shouldn't be expected to box up a scope correctly; I know I wouldn't trust them even if they said they had the experience.  
I've heard that Fastenal will ship large items between stores safely, but I've never used them, and they would have the same location restrictions as Greyhound.

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, 1:24:07 PM PDT, Brad Thompson <brad.thompsonaa1ip@...> wrote:


I'm thinking of offering my 7854 FS and I'd appreciate advice on
packaging it
for survival  on shipment to U.S. addresses. IIRC, packing the plug-ins and
keyboard separately is advisable,  as is double-boxing the mainframe.
I'd plan on swaddling the scope in multiple layers of bubble-wrap, with
a sheet
of resilient foam to protect the front panel.

Our local pack-and-ship store has a bad reputation. Has anyone
successfully used a
commercial mover that offers pack-and-ship services?

If packing turns out to be a hassle, I'll list it for local pickup only.

Thanks in advance, and 73--

Brad  AA1IP
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