Re: Packaging 7854 scope for shipment?

David DiGiacomo

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 2:24 PM Brad Thompson
<brad.thompsonaa1ip@...> wrote:
I'm thinking of offering my 7854 FS and I'd appreciate advice on
packaging it
for survival on shipment to U.S. addresses. IIRC, packing the plug-ins and
keyboard separately is advisable, as is double-boxing the mainframe.
I'd plan on swaddling the scope in multiple layers of bubble-wrap, with
a sheet
of resilient foam to protect the front panel.
I have always had success with that basic method. Just to be clear,
the thick soft foam goes over the front before the bubble wrap goes
around. 24" wide bubble wrap should be used. I think it's better to
ship with plugins installed, since they provide extra rigidity to the
plugin bay. You need to have a heavy duty or doublewall box -
ordinary singlewall is too weak. I usually make cardboard or
styrofoam corner blocks.

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